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About company

OnWine Boutique


A unique collection of world wines and elite spirits at affordable price 

Wine & food boutique 

OnWine Boutique is not just a simple Web-shop, but is the full-value wine & food boutique.  It is the online platform of self-named brand boutique of wines and alcoholic beverages that is situated in Khmelnytskyi city (Zarechanska Street 3/1).

The concept of OnWine Boutique in Khmelnytskyi combines 3 in 1: sales, tastings an consultations.  Here you can not only to buy wines and elite spirits, but also to taste beverages and receive professional recommendations from sommeliers. The OnWine Boutique team adhere the same operation principle in the Web-shop. Our sommeliers will help you to choose a beverage and will find an ideal gastronomic pair to it if needed. In the assortment of OnWine Boutique you will find dainty meat delicacies, aged cheeses and snacks, as well as premium Italian coffee, sweets and  related goods (professional bar accessories and utensils).


Our priority is a balance of price and quality 


OnWine Boutique presents truly unique wines and spirits collection. You will find here exclusive wine and alcohol brands, as well as wines and spirits of world-famous trademarks that we offer at the most affordable prices. In OnWine Boutique you can get a great deal on vermouth Martini, sparkling Asti Martini, whiskey Jameson and Jack Daniels, bourbon Jim Beam, cognac Hennesy, brandy Metaxa, vodka Grey Goose and Finlandia, absinthe Xenta Absenta, liqueur Sambuca Molinari and other well-known alcohol drinks. The balance of the highest quality and affordable price is a priority principle of our work. 


Discover the wine culture of Europe


We discover the high quality European wines and rich wine culture of Europe to Ukrainian costumers. The basis of our wine collection is the wines of famous Italian producers: Astoria, 47 Anno Domini, Botter, Tombacco, Sordo, Nani Rizzi, Haut Marin, Schenk Italia. Laying emphasis on Italian wines, we plan to develop other wine directions and enrich our collection with wines from different countries of Europe and the world. Our especial passion is wines made from interesting autochthonous grape varieties, which are poorly presented in Ukraine.


7 reasons to buy wines and elite spirits in OnWine Boutique

1. Unique assortment

Many wines and spirits are represented exclusively in out boutique: you can find them only in OnWine Boutique collection. Wines from Italian family wineries, best quality of whiskey and another alcohol drinks – we brought together all the most interesting and deserve your attention.    


2. Quality at an affordable price

When selecting wines and spirits, we pay attention to both the quality and the price of the product. We want more and more Ukrainian consumers to be able to buy good wines and elite alcohol drinks at an affordable price. Therefore, you will always find drinks at reasonable prices in our store and at the same time you can be assured of their high quality.


3. The best suppliers

Our suppliers are world famous manufacturers and wineries with centuries-old traditions, creating wine culture and the history of their countries. Among them there are many family wineries that unite together the efforts of generations, where the body of work of ancestors is holding on passionately by children and grandchildren.


4. Permanent improvement

We do not stop looking for new partners, carefully selecting suppliers, adding new products and interesting offers to our assortment. We are constantly at work upon improvement of service quality in order that you receive only the most pleasant experience.


5. The newest trends

Our team of real experts of their craft perfectly knows both the wine traditions and the wine market, so they always take into account the latest world trends and market development.   In our unique collection of wines and spirits you will always find something new and interesting for yourself.

6. Professional advices from sommeliers

Top-ranked sommeliers and professional consultants of OnWine Boutique always talk you through hundreds of wine positions, will help with the choice and advise the best gastronomic combinations.

7. Special offers

Ongoing sales offers and discounts will make your purchases in our online boutique especially enjoyable. As an expression of our thanks to regular customers, we always prepare special offers so that you can fully enjoy the best world wines and spirits together with OnWine Boutique. 


Our team

Artem Dozinskyi

Chief sommelier, wine expert, the President of Whiskey Club (Khmelnytskyi).

Professional experience: participant of international, national enological exhibitions and seminars, event planner of gastronomic events, master-classes for HoReCa.


Special education: Vitaliy Kovach School of sommelier.


Evgeniy Kolchanov

Evgeny Kolchanov

Sommelier, wine expert, caviste.

Professional experience: participant of the best sommelier of Ukraine competitions.

Special education: Zakhar Umanskiy School of Sommelier, Wine & Spirit Education Trust.


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