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Astoria – prosecco that has become an art

  • Astoria – prosecco that has become an art

The specialty of the Ukrainian market is presented by Artem Dozinsky, sommelier of WSW Group – the exclusive importer and distributor of TM Astoria.


I want to acquaint our wine community with the winery, whose wines impress me very much. Its story began in 1987, when the brothers Paolo and Giorgio Polegato, descended from a renowned family of winemakers, founded their own company and gave it the imposing name Astoria. The recipe of subsequent success was the preservation of family traditions, which enabled winemakers to create wines within thirty years, the quality of which can be proud.


The company associated its name with traditional wine product of the Veneto region - Prosecco. Vintage Prosecco Millesimato has collected many awards, among which the most significant is the Grand Gold Medal at the Vinitaly International Winemaking Competition in Verona. Prosecco DOCG Millesimato and the Refrontolo Passito DOCG are the genuine treasures of Astoria. In addition, the winery is known all over the world with aged wines, such as Collidi Conegliano DOCG, Crevada and Croder.


Astoria wines are produced at their own winery Estate called "Val De Brun", in Refrontolo, in the heart of the DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene zone. 40 hectares of vineyards are located on the slopes of picturesque hills in one of the most famous wine regions in Italy, which is famous for its ideal climate for winemaking.


I draw attention of my colleagues that the brand portfolio has both terroir wines, including the label "bio", and the ranges designed specifically for nightclubs, fashionable lounge zones, sushi bars (Moscato Fashion VictimProsecco Cuvee Astoria LoungeYu Sushi), taking into account the served gastronomy. In these products, high quality goes hand in hand with the design and accuracy of the concept, which is confirmed by the numerous prizes and awards of the winery and its employees. All this is the result of professionalism, a combination of traditions and innovative technologies.


Despite the recognition and high ratings of experts, the company is sensitive to the fashion trends and market requirements of the modern design. Thanks to its creative packaging and a bright image of Astoria wine, they are loved in the most famous public places of the world. And, as an addition to the bright and positive image of Astoria: the company is famous for its charitable events.


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2017-10-25 17:36:33


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