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«Real Gascons» – in Wine Collection of OnWine Boutique

  • «Real Gascons» – in Wine Collection of OnWine Boutique

The wine collection of OnWine Boutique is enriched with French wines Haut Marin from the famous winery Domaine de Menard.

 Almost for a century families of Protaviera and Jegerlehner work on vineyards of Gascony. For three generations they managed to create elegant wines that embodied the character and expressed fruitiness of that terroir. The history of the wine household began in 1920 with 10 hectares planted with grapevine. And in 1988, the farm already counted 150 hectares of vineyards in the area of I.G.P. Cote de Gascony. The current owners of Domaine de Menard are Philip Jägerlehner and Elizabeth Prataviera the grandchildren of the company founder. Philip manages vineyards, and Elizabeth is a professional oenologist. They experiment with soils and grape varieties, sometimes choosing not the most popular ones, but more suitable to the terroir. Grape varieties for the production of white wines occupy 90% of the vineyards. This is a typical “Gascon” Colombard, the classic Uni Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as Gro Mansang and others.

The collection OnWine Boutique presents the most popular wines of the winery, which are produced under the brand Haut Marin (O’Marin). This is a white dry Haut Marin Perle (Sauvignon Blanc), white semi-dry Haut Marin Amande (Colombar and Sauvignon Blanc), white semi-sweet Haut Marin Venus (Gro Mansang), and a pink semi-dry Haut Marin Gulf Stream(Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Tannat, Egiodola).

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