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New food fads Yu Sushi – for the first time in Ukraine

  • New food fads Yu Sushi – for the first time in Ukraine

High symbolic value. Contemplation of the beauty of nature. Search for life's harmony. Japanese culture, far and mysterious, finds more and more new admirers around the world. For people with an Occidental mentality, the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun become a source of inspiration. Eastern views have already entered into all spheres: whether it is art, poetry, philosophy, sports and even gastronomy. The desire to "understand Japan" gives rise to perusal of the eastern traditions. As a result, genius creations appear across two polar different cultures, which are instantly entered the trend lists. And we can safely say that Yu Sushi is the outstanding example in the world of gastronomy – as the first sparkling wine for sushi, which has become new food fads in Europe.


Food crossover: to understand Japan

The creators of Yu Sushi, owners of Italian winery Astoria Wines Paolo and Giorgio Polegato say such things about their creation: "We like the idea of intercultural influence and we call it a “food crossover”. That is why the company Astoria Wines, one of the leading producers of Prosecco, has created a special sparkling wine. Yu Sushi Sparkling perfectly complements the taste of sushi and other traditional oriental dishes, which are in a trend all over the world today. Sparkling Yu Sushi is produced by the Sharm’s method, which is traditional for Prosecco. The wine is rather dry and it is positioned as an extra-brut. Intensive fruity bouquet and pleasant refreshing taste with light acidity are ideal for sushi, sashimi and seafood in general, as well as Pan-Asian and even Indian cuisines.


Oriental fashion: red on white

Alike the works of the extremely popular author Haruki Murakami, the design of Yu Sushi is steeped in symbolism. The color solution of red and white coloring refers us to the Japanese flag of the Hinomaru with the red sun on a white background. A white bottle is decorated with images of two-color red-and-white koi carp - kings of fish. In the Land of the Rising Sun they symbolize longevity, inner strength, obstacle crossing, perseverance and courage. Images of origami of lotus flowers - Hasu no Hana – show spiritual development, purity and reveal the best qualities. Bright and conceptual design makes Yu Sushi Sparkling a real decoration for trendy Japanese, Pan-Asian and other restaurants in Europe, and since recently in Ukraine.


For the modern apologists of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisines, Yu Sushi offers a completely new food experience. In addition, the habit of eating rolls with beer, plum wine and sake finally goes into the category of mauve ton. It is already possible to see the true value of Yu Sushi in many Ukrainian restaurants - thanks to the exclusive importer and distributor WSW Group.


It is quite symbolic that the 2017th is declared the Year of Japan in Ukraine. And let this fact be another good reason for you to enjoy your favorite sushi in the same way as trend setters around the world do - with a glass of exquisite Yu Sushi Sparkling from Astoria Wines.



Published in magazine Drinks + (2017 #2, 169)

2017-12-12 15:58:10


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