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Sommelier School

AWS. Academy of Wine & Spirits


              Just in a week become an expert on wines and elite alcohol!

We invite you to the newest cultural and educational space Academy of Wine & Spirits! With the help of AWS course just in one week you will master the wine culture and become a real expert of wines and spirits. Our experts have developed two educational courses - the main one for the general audience and the HoReCa course, focused on improving the quality of service in the restaurant business.


Приглашаем вас в новейшее культурно-образовательное пространство Academy of Wine & Spirits! Благодаря обучению в AWS всего за неделю вы овладеете винной культурой и станете настоящим знатоком вин и крепкого алкоголя. Наши эксперты разработали два образовательных курса – основной для общей аудитории и курс HoReCa, направленный улучшить качество сервиса в ресторанном бизнесе.




The main AWS course

Available for everyone

The main AWS educational course is developed for those who want to have a professional eye for wines and elite spirits of the world. It does not matter who you are by profession - a sommelier-amateur, a programmer or an accountant. We are sure that the universal language of wine unites people of different views, age, status and professions.

Seasoned mentors

Professional sommeliers will become your guides in the exciting journey through the world of wines. Behind AWS teachers are thousands of tasted wine and spirits examples, as well as a special education  (Wine and Spirit Educational Trust, Vitaly Kovach School of sommelier).

Theory and practice

The studying is based on the standards of the International Sommelier Association (ASI), using the author's teaching methodology. Among the main topics are: the classification of wine by quality, grades and types; insight into production technologies of the world's most famous alcoholic beverages. Practical classes and a huge tasting fund allow students to confirm on practice the theory they have mastered. Each of the students receives methodical material and a set of tasting cards. Practical acquaintance with the world of fragrances passes through the educational guidance Le Nez du Vin of the famous French enologist Jean Lena.



HoReCa course

For specialists

The program of this course is developed for listeners, who sell wines and spirits. These are owners and managers of cafes and restaurants, staff of specialized wine houses, waiters and barmen.  


Wine card and enogastronomy

In addition to the main course students go through the main principles of service and the serving culture, learn to work with a wine card, master the rules for combining wines and alcohol drinks with dishes.  

Course duration: 7 days, studying from 11:00 till 18:00 (with lunch break).

Number of listeners: up to 15 in a group.

Tasting fund: 40 wine samples + 9 spirit samples.

After passing the educational courses all graduates receive a certificate from the Academy of Wine & Spirits.  

Additional information and entry for a course by the phone:
+38(067)32 -90- 883

 e-mail: wsw.sommelier@gmail.com



Take the AWS educational course – become a certified expert!